Our fabrics

The choice of materials is at the heart of our creative process. We impose 3 criteria on each of our selections:

The origin of the fabrics

Nous choisissons exclusivement des matières naturelles, ou de fibres naturelles aussi respectueuses de la peau que de l’environnement.

The feeling of the fabric

Le vêtement c’est notre seconde peau, on le veut doux, hyper agréable à porter et respirant pour les journées ensoleillées !

The originality of the clothes

Sourcing original material mixes that will make a difference to the touch, working with hand- or machine-woven materials (handloom, yarn-dye) that bring relief and character to the collections.

Responsible materials

Organic Coton

Ce coton est cultivé sans utiliser d’engrais chimiques, de pesticides, d’insecticides et sans OGM sur des terres traitées de tous résidus toxiques. Les producteurs utilisent des engrais naturels qui ne nuisent pas aux écosystèmes environnants, respectent les sols et les hommes qui travaillent à sa production. La production du coton organique nécessite beaucoup moins d’eau que celle du coton traditionnel.

Eco-responsible viscose

Viscose fiber is made from wood pulp. Eco-responsible viscose uses wood pulp from sustainable, certified forests (FSC® and PEFCTM labels). The process of transforming wood into fiber must meet EU Eco Label standards, which lay down strict rules for obtaining a product with low environmental impact. This viscose reduces emissions and water consumption by 50% compared with traditional viscose, and is biodegradable.

Naturals fabrics


Light, fluid and soft, silk adds a feminine touch to our products. It is resistant, comfortable and has great insulating power. We choose matte silks that don't shine, adding washes to give them a surprising twist.


Principalement cultivé pour ses fibres textiles végétales, le lin est la matière indispensable pour l’été. Son pouvoir absorbant régularise la température entre le corps et le vêtement. Chez PALEM, nous aimons mixer la fibre de lin avec de la viscose, du coton, du modal pour donner à la matière plus de main et de fluidité.

Conventional cotton

Cotton is a plant fiber derived from the fruit of the cotton plant. Renowned for its many properties, it has been the most widely used fiber for thousands of years. Soft, supple and comfortable, cotton knitwear is a real pleasure to wear. A timeless and indispensable classic, cotton lets the skin breathe.

Natural fiber materials


Plant fiber made from the cellulose of plants - such as wood cellulose or linen - then regenerated. Its properties are similar to those of cotton: low elasticity, low creasing and high absorbency. Silky and color-fixing, it offers your skin all the softness of a caress.

Lyocell, the eco-friendly fabric

It's a 100% cellulose, biodegradable fiber produced from wood pulp (eucalyptus pulp) treated with a non-toxic, recyclable solvent. Good moisture absorption. Crease-resistant. Known under the registered name Tencel ™,lyocell is very soft to the touch, very pleasant to wear and supple.

Modal, the ultimate in comfort

Modal is an alternative, highly resistant material. It's a type of viscose, obtained by spinning cellulose fibers from wood (beech). Unlike viscose, modal is an environmentally-friendly fiber. Modal is a very soft, lightweight fabric that absorbs moisture well, doesn't wrinkle, and is flexible and breathable, ideal for summer.

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